Securitee Blanket
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Available in 3 sizes
Tall, Short


Securitee Blanket is designed to reduce slip while increasing grip.

Securitee Blanket makes it easier and more comfortable to grip a vial by increasing the circumference without adding excess weight or bulk.

Securitee Blanket is available in 3 sizes so regardless of the type of insulin you use, there is a sleeve that will fit your vial. The short sleeve fits Humulin, Humalog, Novolin, Novolog and Levemir. The tall sleeve fits Lantus and Apidra. The Large sleeve fits Humulin R500

Securitee Blanket is perfect for everyday use and convenient for travel. You will be amazed how much more secure you will feel.

Features & Benefits

  • Allows a more secure grip on vial
  • Light weight and comfortable to hold
  • Easy insertion & removal of vial
  • Helps protect vial if dropped
  • Available in different sizes & colors
  • No need to remove vial when filling a syringe
  • Reusable
  • Colors make it easy to find
  • Gives peace of mind
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