2023 Promotions & Special Offers

Sezzle Financing :  0% Interest 

See Sezzle Finaincing Info.  Buy Now. Pay Later. 

Medicool Product financing


Loyalty Rewards Program :  Save Up to 30% 

Medicool Rewards Program
Check out the REWARDS Widget in the bottom left of the website for more program information. You must have a Free Medicool Account to redeem Loyalty Rewards. 
Every $1 You spend = 100 Rewards Points.. Rewards can be used on orders of over $50, and points are redeemable in increments of 100 up to 2,000 for each transaction. Once you've reached 1,500 points you can start redeeming rewards points for product discounts. 

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Purchase, Like, Share, Tweet, and gifting your friends are a few ways you can earn rewards. Do your thing and we'll reward you for it!

Important Coupon Information: 

Please note that coupons cannot be combined. For example, "Abandon Cart" coupons can't be combined with Coupon Codes or other offers that use coupon codes. Medicool limits coupon codes to 1 per checkout/purchase.