Medicool Authorized Seller Badge

There are dozens of websites that sell Medicool products.  Internet re-seller sites are not regulated.  We strongly suggest that you purchase Medicool  products from one of our authorized online retailers to ensure the safety and quality of your purchase. 

 How do you know you’re purchasing a product from an authorized retailer? Simple. All manufacturer authorized online retailers will display the badge below on their websites. If you are on a site that sells Medicool products but can’t find the badge, you can contact medicool directly for information. If the website is not an authorized retailer, Medicool highly encourages you to find an authorized site to make your purchase.

Medicool can not guarantee the quality of items from websites who do not carry the authorized retail badge (especially those on sites such as and  Many of these unauthorized sites often tempt you with extremely discounted prices. Like most consumer goods, you often get what you pay for.

Please be aware that purchasing and using products from these unauthorized sites can be dangerous for a variety of different reasons. Some of the hazards we often see associated with these unauthorized sites include:

  • Product could be used or refurbished. Authorized sellers do not sell this type of equipment
  • Product that has been opened. 
  • Product that does not function properly
  • Product that has missing parts.